Canelo and team,

I’m professional interpreter and I saw the fight and I saw the commentary after wards.

I’m sorry to say but that the interpreter omitted and change the message multiple times. In addition, he was not takin notes.

Canelo deserves the best and that’s …

Do you like Japanese culture?

I would like to invite you to Sao Paulo BRL.

It’s the place with most Japanese people outside of Japan

I’m from El Paso TX, the Chihuahua desert and its expensive to eat good sushi there.

in Sao Paulo you could find affordable incredibly delicious…

Galaxy and Brain Cells Comparison

Today I sent an important email and a I took a medical language assessment.

I have been working on this email for long time, I can’t really remember when I started but last week in was in my head all the time and thinking about the best way to say…

Octopus Art in Pexaria Fatima Mercado Pinheiros

Other than language, food has to be the largest part of any culture.

If you are staying in São Paulo in the Pinheiros, Vila Madalena area for longer period of time, you are going to want to know places for food at market rate.

And if you are going to…

“My ideal gig is one that produces something I’m proud of at the end of it.” — Joe Coleman logo

I feel exactly like Joe Coleman a freelance copy writer. To produce something that you are proud of, you have to overcome a challenge it’s probably not going to be easy…

Peter Days

Welcome to Cultural Broker. The blog focuses on conveying culture and interpreting languages. Cultural broker interprets language, media and society. Pls follow

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